A baby sit on the sand in a Pehr swimsuit. A baby sit on the sand in a Pehr swimsuit.
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Baby’s First Beach Day: 5 Ways To Prep

By Pehr
Apr 05, 2024

As soon as the first signs of summer appear, it’s only natural to start daydreaming of your little one’s first beach day. Warm sand, clear skies, and the peaceful sound of water along with all the joyful giggles of babies and toddlers experiencing it for the very first time! Whether building sand castles, wave watching, swimming or searching for rocks and seashells, you’ll need the ultimate beach trip packing list to stay organized. Here’s our top 5 tips for planning the perfect family beach trip. 

5 Beach Trip Packing List Must-Haves

Whether your little one is an infant or toddler, their first family beach trip will be one you always remember. For younger babies, it might be a shorter trip, and for toddlers you could spend the whole day in the warm sunshine exploring and playing. 

Read on for our top 5 ideas for how to plan the best family beach trip:

Lightweight Clothing

  1. Practice sun safety. A sun umbrella, infant car seat or stroller along with swaddles for sun shields are great ways to create shady spaces on a hot beach day. At the top of every family’s beach trip packing list is clothing for warm weather dressing, bucket hats and baby sunblock (for little ones 6 months and older). Choose the right swimwear for your little one, and bring swim diapers, sunglasses, rash guards, and lightweight organic cotton clothing that is breathable and won’t stick to their skin. Sandals protect tiny feet from sharp rocks and are great water shoes for walking out in the shallows. 
  2. Bring beach gear and toys. A beach ball, frisbees, inflatables, sand bucket and shovels are must-haves for any family beach trip. Watch your little one explore sensory fun by feeling the sand between their toes, making sand molds, and building their first sand castle. Using a stick to draw pictures in the sand before the tide washes it away, and collecting treasures like special rocks, seaglass, seashells, and flowers are sure to keep your littles happily engaged. After all, the beach environment is a whole new experience no matter their age!
  3. Pack a cooler. Keep littles hydrated with a cooler full of water bottles, juice boxes and coconut water. Pack fruit pouches, yogurt, easy-to-eat snacks like granola bars, crackers and cheese, sandwiches, and chopped fruit. Do all the prep at home so your picnic is ready to eat–bringing extra food and drink means you may be able to stretch your beach day even longer! 
  4. Outdoor play mats and accessories. Think mini tents for pretend play and enjoying the shade, favorite books, water and sand toys and play mats for tummy time or snoozing. If there are any toys your little one really loves in the bath, bring those too (but make sure they don’t get washed away by the water!). An On The Go Portable Change Pad is ideal for a quick diaper change in the great outdoors. 
  5. Be water safe. As you introduce your little one to sand and water, safety has to be top of mind. For on-the-move toddlers in particular, it can be tempting to run out into the water on their own. Lay down some ground rules with your little one if they are old enough to understand. Make sure you have a baby or toddler life jacket for their current weight for your little’s first beach day and, if possible, go to a beach with a lifeguard on duty. A cozy poncho towel will be perfect for keeping littles warm post-swim (bring a couple big beach towels to sit on, too!).  


Your first family beach trip is sure to be an exciting day for everyone! Though you may feel a lot of preparation goes into a beach day, making sun-soaked memories with your little one is always worth it! Be mentally prepared to cut things short if you need to, and remember that the temperature will decide how long infants and toddlers can safely stay outdoors. Whether you’re taking your first vacation together or have a local beach close by, our beach trip packing list is here to help as you prepare. We hope our prep ideas have you feeling inspired and eager to take your little one on their first ever family beach trip!


Frequently Asked Questions

Wait until your little one is at least 2 months old to take them to the beach. Choose a day that isn’t too hot and keep it brief. Babies younger than 6 months old aren’t able to regulate body temperature yet so wait until they’re older to try swimming. Keep babies out of direct sunlight by creating shady areas for them to get all the benefits of sunshine, fresh air, and the gentle sounds of waves rolling in.

Use a beach tent for the whole family or a couple large sun umbrellas to create shady zones. You can also create a mini beach play area for infants with a small inflatable pool and umbrella to keep your baby cool. If your baby is new to crawling and is putting everything in their mouths, it will give you a chance to relax too if you have a safe space to keep them contained.

Try removing sand with cornstarch or baby powder. Sprinkle a small amount onto exposed skin and watch it dry out skin so sand wipes off easily and painlessly.

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