A mom wearing Chambray holds her baby. A mom wearing Chambray holds her baby.
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Top 30 Pregnancy Must-Haves for 2024

By Pehr
Mar 28, 2024  •  Last Modified Apr 26, 2024

If you’re reading this article we suspect you have a little one on the way. Congratulations! Pregnancy is an incredibly special time that allows you to begin to connect with your baby as you prepare for their arrival. Your body will go through quite a few changes throughout the next nine months but there are some amazing pregnancy essentials available to help you navigate each trimester one step at a time. That’s the good news. The even better news? We’ve compiled our top 30 pregnancy must-haves to help you along your journey. We know you'll soon start to think about registry items and what to pack in your hospital bag, but until then hope this list helps keep you healthy and comfortable as you wait for your little one to arrive.

Our Top 30 Pregnancy Must-Haves

First Trimester Pregnancy Must-Haves

Comfy PJs. As your bump grows and your body changes, sometimes sleep doesn’t come quite so easily. So, treat yourself to some cozy pajamas that will help you get the rest you need.

Prenatal Vitamins. You likely already know that prenatal vitamins are a pregnancy must-have. You may have already started taking them. If you haven’t, no time like the present! Talk to your doctor about your options.

Supportive Shoes. A little arch support goes a long way when you’re pregnant. While we’re not opposed to having some fun with your footwear during your pregnancy, just make sure you have supportive and comfortable options for errands and everyday wear.

Comfy Layers. During pregnancy, many women experience swings in body temperature. So, it's great to have lots of comfy layers in your wardrobe so you’ll be prepared and comfortable no matter where you are or how you’re feeling.

A mom holding her baby in Checkmate clothing

Pregnancy Journal. A great way to be able to look back on this special journey is buying or starting your own pregnancy journal. These are specifically designed with prompts for expectant mothers to help the writing process along. It’s also great to have a ritual like journal writing in place so you can take quiet moments to check in with yourself. To get started, try these fun prompts:

    • What’s my happiest pregnancy memory?
    • What I’m looking forward to the most is:
    • Feeling my baby kick makes me feel:
    • My weirdest pregnancy craving is definitely:

Anti-Nausea Product. Morning sickness is a reality for many expectant moms which is why a good stockpile of anti-nausea products is definitely a must-have for early pregnancy. There are many different products available on the market from acupressure wrist-bands to ginger candies. Find something that works for you and stock-up. Make sure you have something in your purse with you for when nausea hits while you’re on the go.

Heartburn Relief Product. Heartburn is another symptom expectant Moms sometimes experience. There are lots of over-the-counter medications that can help with acid reflux. Talk to your doctor about what they recommend and then stock-up. Again, it’s a good idea to make sure you have medication on hand in your car and purse so you’re always prepared.

Other Moms. Connecting with other Moms is incredibly helpful during pregnancy. Experienced Moms are an amazing source of support as you navigate your pregnancy journey and they probably have some great tips and tricks to share with you too! Whether you connect with an existing circle of friends who have had children or you find a group online by joining mom groups or following our community on Instagram, you’ll be grateful to have a community of women to rely on.

A Game Plan. From baby-proofing your space to setting up your nursery, there are a lot of items to tackle before baby arrives. So, make a plan with a timeline and check things off one thing at a time. Slow and steady wins the race!

Pregnancy Books. Pregnancy books are another must-have for early pregnancy. There is a ton of great information available on the internet but there’s also a great deal of misinformation. So, we recommend having a few reputable pregnancy books in your library so you can reference them as needed.

Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care. It’s a good idea to do an audit of your skin and body care products when you become pregnant. Take out anything in your skincare rotation that isn’t pregnancy safe. Talk to your doctor or dermatologist if you’re not sure which ingredients you should be avoiding.

Water Bottle. Hydration is so important during pregnancy but, sometimes when we get busy our water intake is the first thing to fall to the wayside. Having a water bottle on hand with you throughout the day is a great way to remind yourself to drink and to keep track of how much liquid you’re taking in. Keep in handy in one of our favorite catch-all diaper bags.

Camera. You’ll want to have lots of photos of your pregnancy to look back on. So, make sure you have a great camera on hand. A smartphone and some good lighting will do the trick but if you want to invest in something a little nicer head to your local photography store and ask for a recommendation.

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Second Trimester Pregnancy Must-Haves

Bra Extenders & Nursing Bra. By the time your second trimester comes around, your regular bras might be starting to feel too snug. Bra extenders are a great option to give you a little extra room. You can also purchase some nursing bras and start wearing them now. You’ll need them soon enough anyways!

Maternity Jeans. Your jeans will be one of the first things that stop fitting as your little one starts to grow, which is why maternity jeans are a must-have for early pregnancy. There are lots of great options available from over-the-bump to side stretch panels, so it’s a good idea to try on a few different styles to find the one that works best for you and your body.

Pregnancy Pillows. A lot of expectant mothers say that a good pregnancy pillow is number one on their list of maternity essentials. A pregnancy pillow can help improve your sleep and is even useful post-partum as your body is healing, or for added support while you’re nursing.

Leggings. Let’s be honest, there are just some days where leggings are the only thing you want to put on which means you need to have a great maternity legging in your wardrobe to get you through. As is the case with most maternity bottoms, you’ll find over-the-bump and under-the-bump options. You’ll also find different levels of bump support and compression. Try out a few different styles and find the one that works for you.

Overalls or Onesie. Easy outfits you can throw on and go are maternity essentials. That’s why overalls and onesies are not just great options for your little but an amazing maternity wardrobe piece you’ll grab again and again for yourself.

A Comfortable Dress. Speaking of great pieces for your maternity wardrobe, a comfortable dress is definitely a key item in our list of pregnancy must-haves. Whether you prefer a fitted option or something a little looser, make sure you have a great maternity dress or top in your rotation. Having an item that’s easy to slip on and doesn’t require too much thought is a godsend on days when you have a lot going on.

Herbal Teas. Many women cut back on caffeinated drinks during pregnancy so, stock up on a few caffeine-free drinks to replace your go-to cup of coffee. Herbal teas and decaf coffee are both great options.

Layering Tanks. Layering tanks are useful to expectant Moms for so many different reasons. They not only offer coverage as your bump grows but many maternity tanks come with built in support for your bump! So add this versatile item to your list of pregnancy must-haves and stock up on a few different colors.

Maternity Undies. You can probably get away with your usual underwear in a size up but maternity undies are definitely worth the investment which is why we’ve added them to our list of pregnancy must-haves. You can find over and under-the-bump styles so try out both to see which one works best for you and then stock up on your favorites!

Maternity Coat. If you live in a cooler climate, a maternity coat is one of those pregnancy essentials that is well worth the investment. Find a jacket that will keep both you and your bump nice and warm on cold days now and thank us later.

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Third Trimester Pregnancy Must-Haves

Compression Socks. By the time you reach your third trimester, you will likely be starting to experience some swelling around your feet, ankles, and calves. So, add compression socks to your list of pregnancy must-haves. They help improve circulation and decrease swelling. They are especially helpful if you’re planning any travel by plane during your pregnancy.

Slide on Shoes. You may not need a slide on shoe early on in your pregnancy but it definitely makes the list of our late pregnancy must haves. As your bump grows and your feet start to disappear from your view, shoelaces become a bit of a hindrance to getting out the door. So, stock up on a few pairs of shoes that are easy to slide on and take off. You might want to tackle this item before your bump gets too big so your visit to the shoe store is a little more comfortable.

Belly Butter or Oil. A lot of first-time Moms think that belly butter and oils are strictly necessary if you’re hoping to prevent stretch marks. But, these products make our list of pregnancy essentials for so many different reasons. For one, they just feel great to put on. They are also amazing at helping to relieve the skin itch and inflammation some women experience during pregnancy as their bumps grow.

Heating Pad. As you enter your third trimester, you may begin to experience aches and pains. A heating pad can help soothe lower back and hip pain and can also be helpful post-partum as your body heals.

Bath Salts. Bath salts like magnesium flakes and epsom salts are another great way to help combat aches and pains during your third trimester. Keep an eye out for brands that make blends especially for expectant moms.

Stability Ball. As you get closer and closer to your due date, it can become more and more difficult to find comfortable positions to relax. Some women find stability balls are helpful for releasing tension and pressure as they can also help open the pelvic muscles in preparation for birth.

Nursing Pads. This comes as a bit of a surprise to a lot of first-time Moms, but you’ll need nursing pads a lot sooner than you think. You may begin to experience leaking during your third trimester, so it’s good to have some nursing pads on hand even before your little one arrives. Our nursing pillow may also be useful here, for getting comfy in those final days!

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no one right answer to this question. Every woman’s pregnancy experience is unique. If you’re looking to purchase a gift for an expectant Mom it’s helpful to chat with them about their pregnancy journey to find out how it’s going. If they talk about a specific pain point, purchasing an item that can help with the discomfort they are experiencing is a great idea.

When it comes to purchasing pregnancy must-haves there’s no time like the present! Having the essentials on hand early will definitely make life easier. So, ask other Moms what items they found especially helpful and start preparing your space with everything you’ll need to make your pregnancy journey as smooth as possible.

Here are a few items we recommend purchasing during the first trimester of your pregnancy:

Comfy PJs
Prenatal Vitamins
Supportive Shoes
Pregnancy Journal
Comfy Layering Pieces
Anti-Nausea Products
Heartburn Relief Products.
Pregnancy Books
Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care
Water Bottle

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