We create beautiful, sustainable products with conscience.

Take a peek behind the curtain to see how Pehr is made, and how we’re constantly looking to improve.

Our design process

Slow and steady

Designed for everyday living, our products are meant to be beautiful, practical and long lasting. From fabric to fit and palettes to prints, our design process is slow and steady to bring the best for you and your babe. Our process begins when a color, image or texture will inspire an idea. Months and many sketches later that idea turns into a print and finally, by working closely with our team in India, that print turns into a product for you. We spend time sweating the details so that you don’t have to.


We are proud to employ and empower female artisans in India whose skilled hands carefully create every Pehr piece.


Our printed Blankets and Quilts are hand screen printed using AZO-Free dyes and then stitched and embroidered carefully by hand. Our 100% wool Rugs and felt Mobiles are hand made by family-owned workshops, masters of their craft who have passed down their skills through generations. Each Pehr piece is crafted with its own distinct characteristics and qualities that you can read more about on our product pages.

Our commitment is you

By making all of our products completely from scratch, our team is in control of every aspect of production from design, to raw materials right through to the finished product. When choosing the Pehr brand, you are choosing to make a positive impact with a safe and sustainable purchase that supports heritage craftsmanship.

Why choose organic cotton?

Organic cotton is a sustainable choice with a lower pollutive impact, grown without harmful chemicals such as synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or defoliants.

Pehr only uses organic cotton in all our baby bedding and clothing, so you can rest easy knowing the fabric closest to your little one is only of the highest grade.

What does azo-free mean?

Pehr only uses AZO-Free dyes which are low-impact, metal free, non-toxic dyes that meet strict environmental guidelines in all our products.

AZO dyes should always be avoided as they release carcinogenic amine compounds and are harmful to those who come into contact with them.

We never use harmful or toxic substances in any of our products, for the safety of your children, yourselves, our employees and the environment.

How are our Rugs Made?

All of our rugs are made with chemical-free OEKO-TEX Certified Wool and have been GoodWeave certified, which guarantees that these handcrafted products were made without the use of child, forced or bonded labor.

We are proud to partner with Fairtrade and SA8000® Standard Certified factories.

Every single one of our products intended for baby's use are CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) certified.

  • Fair terms of trade for farmers and workers
  • Child labor is strictly prohibited
  • Employment is freely chosen
  • Working hours are not excessive
  • Better wages
  • Harsh treatment and discrimination is prohibited
  • Safe working conditions
  • Local sustainability

Our goals this year

2022 - Supporting our Workforce

Continue and find new impactful ways to support our workforce, their families and communities through meals, clothing, masks, education & health care.