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5 Tips For Dressing Littles In The Summer

By Pehr
Mar 22, 2024

When temperatures swing low to high, it’s essential to choose the right clothing to keep your littles safe and comfy. All the outdoor fun of spring and summer is just around the corner! When you’re out and about enjoying the sweet sunshine, prepare for warm weather activities with lightweight clothing in breathable fabrics and keeping sun safety in mind. Read on for our top 5 tips for how to dress your baby for warm weather. 

5 Tips For Warm Weather Dressing

When you’re planning out a big summer day, keep in mind that babies and toddlers are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Even if you’re just popping out for a playdate or taking a short walk around the block, your little’s delicate skin should always be protected to practice sun safety. 


A girl, wearing a By The Sea romper and bucket hat, stands on the beach with a toy camera.

 Learning how to dress your baby for warm weather is a skill that’s important at every age–to keep them safe, cool and pleasantly playing in the great outdoors. Here’s our 5 best tips for how to dress your baby for warm weather:

  1. Stock up on layers. Whether you’re figuring out how to dress your baby for sleep in the summer or venturing out for a day at the park, lightweight layers are key. Whether you have a newborn or toddler, a few sleep bags in different TOGs are essential to your little one's overnight clothing (especially during the shift between seasons when temperatures fluctuate a lot!). Babies aren’t able to regulate their body temperature yet so keeping them barefoot when it’s hot out helps prevent overheating. Always pack an extra pair of shorts or bloomers, and a few additional tops, one-pieces or rompers to put on and take off if the weather changes suddenly or things get wet. 
  2. Choose breathable fabrics. Organic cotton jersey and loose, woven materials are ideal for hot, sunny days. Lightweight separates like bloomers and airy tops and tanks can breathe better, too. Natural fibers like organic cotton are light yet durable (they won’t stick against warm skin like synthetics do). Opt for lighter color fabrics when you can since dark fabrics like black and navy can absorb a lot of heat. Full coverage can protect your little’s skin from overheating so opting for light long-sleeves and baggy pants can be more comfortable for an infant while a romper is better for a toddler on the move. 
  3. Pack the perfect summer bag. Remember packing your hospital bag weeks before your little one’s arrival? Keeping a diaper bag prepped and packed with all the essentials you need when you’re out with a baby or toddler is a great way to be ready to go spur of the moment! Instead of unpacking and repacking a bag, have a couple sets of lightweight clothing, UPF 50 swimwear and rash guard, sandals, swim diapers, a hooded towel, and accessories like bubbles packed neatly in a pouch
  4. Practice sun safety. Soon enough, the days will be longer and the sun will be scorching! Keeping your little one happy as a clam depends on a few factors (if they’re comfortable, they’re bound to be more content and easy going). Add bucket hats to practice sun safety, stay in the shade when possible, play near water like a local pool or lake, and pack the extras like mineral sunblock, hooded towels, sun umbrellas or play tents, and sunglasses. Dress babies in one-pieces or rompers and if they’re younger than 6 months and can’t wear sunblock yet, keep a swaddle on hand.
  5. Match with your mini. While you’re planning out your little’s seasonal wardrobe, don’t forget to add breezy looks for yourself! Keep your cool in relaxed, yet elevated, lightweight tops in organic cotton. Choose classic navy or dandelion in the Checkmate pattern for a loveable mama-and-me summer look. Slip on a striped caftan and style it how you choose, whether it’s for the park or a dinner out.


A mom and her son, wearing matching Checkmate clothing, smile at each other while standing in tall grass.


No doubt you’re just as excited about spring and summer as your little ones! Whether you have an infant eager to crawl on the grass or a busy toddler set on being your little helper in the garden and yard, warm weather makes getting outdoors that much easier (say farewell to bulky snowsuits and winter accessories!). We hope these sun safety tips and ideas for how to dress your baby for warm weather have you feeling confident and inspired to get outdoors as much as possible this summer!

Frequently Asked Questions

An overheated baby will have clammy skin. Check the back of the neck to feel if they’re sweaty. Rapid breathing and flushed cheeks are also signs of being too hot.

It’s an important skill for every child’s development with most kids able to start dressing themselves by age 3. Start by getting them involved in selecting from two choices that you pick out based on the outdoor temperature. It will give them that sense of confidence and control they are craving at this age. Fabrics that allow for some airflow and styles that have wide necklines that are easy to get on are great for summer dressing. Don’t underestimate the power of choosing bright, bold colors and patterns they’ll love putting on!

Plan for around 1.5 outfits for each day you will be gone. If you’re going away for just one night, then 2 outfits per day should be enough. If you’re going on a one-week vacation, pack 11 outfits to be prepared for spills, stains and to have flexible options for any weather.

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