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Getting Ready For Baby

The Top 10 Summer Pregnancy Essentials

By Pehr
Apr 14, 2024

If you’re having a summer baby, your pregnancy experience will have certain unique qualities along the way. Things like staying cool and managing water retention become even more important as you approach your due date during the hot summer months. It’s also a special time to welcome your little one into the world–longer days, plenty of sunshine, and strolling around in the fresh air with your newborn to visit friends and family. From curing swollen feet to the sweetest pregnancy summer outfits, here’s our top 10 pregnancy tips for managing your third trimester during the hottest season.

10 Tips For Managing Summer Pregnancy

Walking is one of the simplest, low-impact exercises that’s recommended to help you stay active up until the end of your pregnancy. With the sun out and the flowers in bloom, wander with a friend or simply take a meditative walk for some forest bathing. It’s the perfect time of year for easy, outdoor events like picnics and baby showers. Sharing your pregnancy with loved ones, staying healthy, and enjoying the relaxation of time spent in nature are part of the joys of having a summer baby. 

Read on for our top 10 pregnancy tips for managing symptoms while maximizing your summertime fun. 

  1. Stay cool outside. Bring an oversized water bottle with you wherever you go (just add ice!), and stock up on plenty of pregnancy summer outfits that are breathable and lightweight like flowy dresses and breezy tops. 
  2. Avoid peak sun. It’s much easier to overheat when you’re pregnant, especially nearing the end of the third trimester. Go outside in the early morning or take an evening walk to help prevent dehydration. Bring a handheld fan with you, too!
  3. Stay off your feet. Once your bump starts to really pop, the added pressure can cause swelling in your ankles and feet. Take short walks with frequent breaks in organic cotton pregnancy summer outfits, do a cold plunge foot bath to relieve swelling and keep your legs elevated when you get home. Swimming is also a great, low-impact way to get some exercise while cooling off at the lake or pool. 
  4. Make hydrating smoothies and drinks. For refreshing and nutritious on-the-go snacks, make a fruit and veggie smoothie, drink coconut water and other electrolyte-rich drinks. Stock your freezer with popsicles or make your own from your favorite juice. Avoid salty foods to help prevent added swelling. 
  5. Wear mineral sunblock. Protect your body and your bump with pregnancy-safe sunscreens that only include the approved ingredients: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Always cover up with a sun hat and umbrella and opt for lightweight women’s clothing in breathable, organic cotton. 
  6. Don’t push yourself. Pregnancy is a vulnerable time when you should be extra cautious about your health and may need to cancel events and activities that are too draining. Keep your to-do list as light as possible, don’t overcommit to social events, and schedule extra time for self-care. 
  7. Create your registry must-haves. As your baby shower takes shape, guests will want to know what to give you and your little! Take the stress out of this daunting task with our registry checklist. Once nesting sets in during the third trimester, prep for your baby’s arrival with a well-packed hospital diaper bag–double check you have what you need with our hospital bag checklist
  8. Create a dreamy maternity closet. Your pregnancy summer outfits should include at least three dressed-up looks (for your maternity photo shoot, baby shower, and any special events), a wardrobe full of lightweight women’s clothing, and comfortable well-fitting shoes. Make sure you size up if needed and try on supportive sandals and slides, or invest in a new pair of runners. 
  9. Enjoy summertime nesting. With a gentle breeze blowing the curtains and a sunbeam shining into your little one’s room-to-be, it’s a joy to wash and fold in the calm of a tranquil summer’s day. How to prepare for baby includes preparing the nursery with hideaway storage to keep things organized, and filling the dresser with organic cotton sleepers in newborn and infant sizes. 
  10. Create mementos and sentimental gifts. Keeping a pregnancy journal, writing notes to your little one, and creating a keepsake box for your child are great ways to memorialize this amazing time for your family. Collect heirloom items that can be given to your little one when they’re older, like a beautiful quilted blanket


The anticipation of a new baby is such a special time for you and your family! Whether it’s your first little one or a new sibling, we hope these pregnancy tips for managing symptoms and staying comfy during the warm weather months have you feeling excited to breeze through the rest of your pregnancy!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of versatile options available nowadays that mean you can add looser fits, flowy styles, maxi dresses and boyfriend fits instead of sticking to shopping in the maternity section. Most women will need new clothing when they hit the second trimester–somewhere between 12 and 16 weeks. Look for lightweight women’s clothing you’ll be able to enjoy wearing when you’re postpartum, too!

Generally recognized as safe and effective is used by the FDA for older drugs that are not anticipated to cause harm. For sunblock to be considered non toxic during pregnancy, it must only contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

Pregnancy tips often include a note about optimal sleep–it can be hard to come by even in the best conditions. When it’s hot and humid, it’s even harder to sleep during pregnancy, especially when rolling over becomes a challenge! Pick up a lightweight pregnancy pillow, sleep in loose maternity pajamas, and crisp cotton sheets. Turn up the AC, put on the ceiling fan or stand-up fan, or put an ice pack on your forehead and wrists to cool you down.

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