Two hand-painted eggs sit on a clover swaddle. Two hand-painted eggs sit on a clover swaddle.
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DIY Easter Activities For Littles

By Pehr
Mar 08, 2024  •  Last Modified Mar 08, 2024

It’s not surprising that many of us call spring our favorite season. Easter weekend marks the start of the season’s change and signals that summer is just around the bend. Whether you’re spending the holiday with extended family or visiting friends, planning some Easter activities you can do together with your littles will keep the whole family entertained. Read on for our top 5 Easter activities for toddlers.

5 Fun Easter Activities You Can Do At Home

What better way to feel festive and show your enthusiasm for spring than to pull out all your pastel clothing? After a cold winter of somber shades, it feels refreshing to wear lightweight tops in lilac, mauve, periwinkle and lavender. Embrace the spirit alongside your littles and dress them up in Easter-inspired clothing in spring prints and pastels. 

Since spring is a time of growth, you can teach your little ones about nature and the season's change by looking at your own backyard. Share your family traditions, love for the spring season and for Easter with your littles. 

Read on for our top 5 Easter activities to try at home with your little ones:

  1. Egg painting or coloring. Whether it’s simple dip-dyed eggs, the European tradition of using beeswax to create intricate patterns, or coloring on eggs with a paintbrush or marker, it’s time to stock up on a couple extra cartons. Since all that egg painting and dipping can get a bit messy, make sure you have aprons and painter’s smocks for your little ones to wear, and extra wipes on hand. You’ll definitely want to snap an adorable shot of your little bunny in a sweet dress or one-piece during the celebrations so change them into their special outfit after all the paint has been packed away. 
  2. Creative baking with spring pastels. Pull out all the extras and fun baking accessories. Rainbow cupcakes, muffins with pastel chocolates on top, bunny and chick cake toppers and pastel sprinkles. Spring activities for littles can include getting outdoors as much as you can (with the proper rain gear and clothing!) but it’s also a season where toddlers and preschoolers need things to do indoors like cooking and baking. Since little ones are eager to prove themselves useful, you can get them involved. While Easter baking has the added bonus of sweet treats to decorate and eat, you can also bake healthy muffins or do fruit salad prep alongside your little one!
  3. An outdoor scavenger and Easter egg hunt. If you are in search of activities for toddlers, look no further than getting them excited about spring in the great outdoors. While a classic Easter egg hunt is fun for everyone, you can also plan a scavenger hunt for your littles and extended family members. For toddlers, an egg hunt could feature chocolate or plastic eggs hidden in the backyard or local park (all you need is a cute basket to collect them all!). Plan a scavenger hunt where littles are given a search and find list. Hide little toys like Lego and household items in the yard or ask them to look for a chipmunk, a stick, a dog, an oak tree, a bud in bloom and so on. 
  4. An Easter craft station. Think pastel pipe cleaners, construction paper, pom poms, Easter stickers, and printable coloring sheets. Pin the pom-pom tail on the bunny, tissue paper stained glass eggs to decorate the kitchen window or easter egg color sorting. Littles love to cut and paste, and depending on their age, you could put out safety scissors and connect-the-dot printouts for them to practice. A big painting station with assorted sizes of paint brushes and pastel paints is one of the most satisfying activities for toddlers. Keep craft stations organized with storage minis and pints to sort all your supplies. For an Easter gift basket, pack up a few treats in pom pom storage like an Easter book, a bunny lovey, crayons and a festive swaddle in clover or bunny hop prints for Easter-approved decor in their nursery. 
  5. Visit a local farm. With spring about to arrive, it’s perfect weather to let the little ones run around, pet alpacas and goats or say hello to the chickens and lambs. The best activities for toddlers involve getting up close with animals! Lots of farms and petting zoos host Easter egg hunts and events for little ones of all ages. Get all your gear ready for the weekend whether it rains or shines. Rainwear like boots, umbrellas and cozy jackets will have your little ones happily splashing about in puddles and running through the muddy farm. Don’t let April showers rain on your parade! Pack a bucket hat to protect your littles just in case the sun comes out. 

Pehr’s Bunny Hop swaddle rolled and sitting on top of a folded Bunny Hop blanket.
Bunny Hop Blanket and Swaddle


Easter activities for littles are a great way to get the whole family doing something fun together. Sharing the excitement of spring’s pending arrival will provide memory-making moments you’ll always hold onto. We hope these ideas have you feeling prepared, inspired and ready to plan Easter activities for toddlers that everyone can enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

A folkloric symbol of Easter, rabbits are an ancient symbol of new life, rebirth and fertility. The Easter Bunny’s roots stem from pagan rituals surrounding the start of spring. The Easter Bunny was introduced to America in the 1700s by German immigrants when they arrived in Pennsylvania. The tradition they shared was of an egg-laying hare who sometimes dressed in clothes and brought colorful eggs to well-behaved children.

Easter is a celebration that marks the celebration of the day Christians believe Jesus was resurrected. From a secular point of view, you can explain to kids that Easter is a celebration of renewed life after winter and symbolizes the start of the growing and planting season.

Kids as young as 1 can enjoy the fun of searching for eggs and exploring their surroundings - indoors or outdoors. If your child is on the move, chances are they are eager to explore and would love the thrill of finding some colorful eggs hidden by a magical visitor. For toddlers, it’s best to keep the hunt simple with just a few family members. Preschoolers may enjoy hunting for eggs together and sharing the joy of discovery and collecting treats in their baskets.

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