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Removable Wallpaper F.A.Q.

How much should I order? 

Before placing your order, you first need to know how much square footage of the space you are covering. Please refer to the following guideline:

  • Measure the height and width of your wall in feet. Round your measurements up. We recommend increasing the results by 15%.
  • Multiply the two measurements. You have calculated the square footage.
  • Now that you have your square footage, refer to the square foot dimensions below to determine how many panels you will need to cover the square footage of your area.
  • Removable Panels square footage per panel:
    • 2' x 4' or 8 Square Feet
    • 2' x 8' or 16 Square Feet
    • 2' x 12' or 24 Square Feet
  • For instance, if you are covering a 89 square foot space, you would need 12 Removable Panels.  A 54 square foot space would need 7 Removable Panels at the 2' x 4' size or 4 panels at the 2' x 12' size. 

Is the removable wallpaper Non-Toxic?

All our wallpaper is vinyl, VOC, PVC and phthalate free. We print with latex inks which are water based and non-toxic.

How easy is it to install? 

Very easy! It can even be a one-person job! For best results, we suggest adhering to walls with premium eggshell, satin or semi gloss paint. Matte finishes can be a bit trickier as the adhesive can bond and pull the paint.

Also - Paint can take up to 4 weeks to fully cure, so keep that in mind before wallpapering. 

Please note that this wallpaper will not work on textured walls.

6 Easy Steps To Fresh Fun New Walls

1. Clean Walls

2. Pencil a vertical line 2' out from the corner to serve as your starting point visual guide. 

3. Identify the top and bottom of the panel. 

4. Starting at the top corner, gently pull a 2" - 4" strip of the panel away from the liner. This strip will be the first piece to adhere to the wall. 

5. Line up the Panel edge with your vertical pencil line. Beginning from the top, press the 2" - 4" strip firmly onto the wall. 

6. Once the panel is secure, reach under & grab the liner. Slowly pull the liner away from the panel while pressing the paper onto the wall & smoothing as you go.  

PRO TIP: when smoothing, work from the center outwards to push bubbles to the edge of the panel. Use a rubber squeegee. 

How can I ensure each panel is lined up and that I've done it right?

Each panel is identical. As long as each panel is orientated the same way, each panel will line up with one another on all four sides.  Also note that Chasing Paper x Pehr panels should be installed side-by-side with no overlap.

How do I wash and clean the wallpaper?

All of our prints are water resistant and washable! However, just like traditional wallpaper, we recommend only washing your wallpaper with warm water and a cloth - avoid using any cleaning solutions as that may cause the colors to smudge.   

Can I install over my existing wallpaper?

Yes, you can install Chasing Paper x Pehr on top of your existing wallpaper! Just a couple things to consider; our wallpaper is designed to work its best when installed on a flat surface so as long as your existing wallpaper is still flush with the wall you should be ok. Keep in mind, there is a chance that when you remove your new wallpaper it may damage the existing wallpaper underneath. 

Before you hit go, we would strongly encourage that you wipe down your existing wallpaper with warm water and let it dry for at least 48 hours before applying the new paper, just to be absolutely sure that no residue or dust will prevent the new paper from sticking.

I've got a latex allergy, can I still install the paper myself?

Yes, you can because we use HP Latex Inks. Our vendor explains the science here:

A key innovation in HP Latex Inks is the incorporation of latex polymer particles. “Latex” is a term that describes a stable, aqueous dispersion of microscopic polymer particles. It is important not to confuse the polymers used in HP Latex Inks with those found in natural materials, such as latex rubber. While some individuals experience skin irritation from contact with natural latex compounds, the synthetic polymers used in HP Latex Inks are non-allergenic.

Can I get free shipping?

Free shipping is not applicable to wallpaper at this time.