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What To Do With Kids Art

By Pehr
Jul 21, 2023  •  Last Modified Jul 21, 2023

Your little artist is keen to draw, color and create. As parents, our little one’s art can be so special to us, like the first Mother’s Day card they made or that tiny handprint that seems to freeze time. While we all love to nurture creative skills, art projects can pile up quickly. If you’re wondering what to do with all the kid art, we have you covered. Here are all the best ways to preserve and purge so you have a plan in place for what to do with kids old art

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How to Let Go of Your Little’s Art

You really can’t keep it all. What to do with all the kid art becomes harder the longer you hold on to it and form sentimental attachments. 

Here are some key pointers to remember when figuring out what to do with kids art projects:

  • Teach your little one to toss things. The practice of letting go is an important skill. Just like rotating clothing seasonally and donating what doesn’t fit or sorting through old toys, involve your little one in the process. Figuring out what to do with kids art projects is much easier when you recycle some of it as soon as it comes through the door. Most art projects are made from materials like paper and cardboard - teach your little ones what it means to recycle and reuse!
  • Only keep what brings you joy. When your toddler or preschooler comes home with art projects every day, you have to be a bit ruthless. Keep items they are particularly proud of and that you really love. The last thing your adult child will want is boxes and boxes of their childhood artwork. 
  • Remember that kids are more into the process than the final product. It’s a good idea to check in with them before you recycle something they made (but most of the time, your little will be happy to let go of their artwork). Try some free downloadable prints for them to color in or add drawings to (the unlimited supply of printable pages can help them practice their art skills without getting too attached). 

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5 Ideas For What To Do With All The Kid Art 

  1. Put it on display. Choose the most sentimental pieces to frame or post on the bedroom wall or fridge (toss it when a new piece needs to take its place). Create a feature wall with dry mounted art pieces mixed with framed family photos. 
  2. Scan it and make a video slideshow. Digital formats are a great way to hold onto the memories of your little’s creative pursuits without storing piles of artwork in your basement. 
  3. Photograph it. Create a photo book of the most cherished artwork so you can look back at it all together without holding on to the originals. 
  4. Make a portfolio or scrapbook. Tuck your favorites into plastic sleeves and display it on your coffee table for guests to flip through. 
  5. Use it as wrapping paper for gifts or handmade cards. This way grandparents and friends get beautiful, unique wrapping with an extra special twist - it was made with love by your little one!

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The longer you hold on to your little’s art projects, the harder it is to let go of it. We recommend having a plan for keeping arts and crafts, art supplies and artwork organized in their room. Your little one will think of this space as clutter-free and welcoming. Keep markers, paint sets and crayons tucked away neatly in a pouch and all other craft supplies and artwork in Pom Pom Storage to set the tone for the nursery. We hope these ideas inspire you to manage what to do with kids old art frequently while trying some new ways to store, display and repurpose it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating art promotes self-esteem and self-expression. Children thrive in open-ended play where they can make decisions and freely express their thoughts and feelings. Art engages a child’s senses and supports the development of cognitive, social-emotional and multisensory skills.

Creating art stimulates the brain to produce higher levels of dopamine, which improves concentration and is helpful for kids with ADHD. Creative expression can also elevate serotonin and reduce stress levels.

Kids create a lot of artwork. It can become overwhelming to hold on to all of it as time goes on. Some parents declutter art projects weekly while others wait until the end of the year to decide what to keep and what to recycle.