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Getting Ready For Baby

Packing Light: Moving While Pregnant

By Pehr
Aug 11, 2023  •  Last Modified Aug 29, 2023

Whether you’re moving while pregnant during your second trimester or third trimester, it’s common for families to seek out more square footage to suit a growing household. Before you put any thought toward packing up and moving while pregnant, read on for 5 ways to simplify the process and prepare as best as possible!

5 Ways to Make Moving While Pregnant Easier

In the midst of nesting mode, many moms are already letting go of what they no longer need. Moving while pregnant and settling into a new family home before your little arrives is actually pretty ideal! Whether it’s your first baby or a new sibling, here are 5 ways to make moving while pregnant simple and safe: 

    1. Enlist help. Call on your village of family and friends - throw a moving party, serve lunch and drinks and put on some tunes! Hire a professional moving company to help with both packing ahead of time and to take the pressure off you on moving day. Baby proofing your home is important too, especially if you have older little ones. If it’s in your budget, hire a company to do a sweep of your home and baby proof everything before you move in. 
    2. Make unpacking easier. Keep a master packing list and number boxes organized by the room they’re going to in your new home. Put everything for the new baby at the front of the moving truck so you’re thinking about how to set up a nursery. Part of nesting is having easy access to all your adorable newborn clothing and your chosen hospital bag bundle. Use a hospital bag checklist so everything’s packed up neatly in a pouch or two well ahead of your due date! Put aside a box of personal items you’ll need when you arrive on the other end like toiletries and clothing essentials. 
    3. Timing is everything. Moving while pregnant in the third trimester can be a lot tougher than moving while pregnant during second trimester. Go slow, prepare as much as possible over a longer period of time and aim for an ideal moving date (most pregnant women feel their best between 14-26 weeks). Renting a moveable storage container is another way to take the pressure off moving day - it gives you time to slowly pack up all your boxes and sort them while the container stays parked in your driveway. 
    4. Prioritize yourself and your pregnant responsibilities. Give yourself lots of breaks to rest when moving while pregnant. Take your prenatal vitamins, eat a balanced diet and get plenty of sleep. Avoid lifting heavy objects - generally nothing over 20 lbs. Talk to your doctor first, especially if you have a high risk pregnancy. Since shifting hormones can make your connective tissue and ligaments looser, be mindful of how you move so you don’t injure yourself. Wear compression socks to prevent swelling in your feet and ankles. You never know when morning sickness or exhaustion will strike - you may not be able to help with the physical task of moving at all, and that’s totally fine! 
    5. Prepare the whole family for moving day. If you have older toddlers or preschoolers, organize childcare support in the weeks leading up to moving day and for the big move. Older siblings may be having some big feelings about leaving their home too so try to prepare them mentally. Talk to them ahead of time a lot, get them excited about the new home (they’ll have their own room!) and provide space for emotions around leaving the place they know.


Though moving with a baby on board may seem like a lot, it’s only natural for a growing family to transition to a bigger home during this season of life. It can be exciting and busy but we hope these ideas give you the confidence to tackle moving while pregnant, put down new roots and get ready to welcome your little one!

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving while pregnant during the second trimester is ideal. It’s called the ‘golden period’ because many women experience an energy surge and better sleep during this time. The morning sickness of the first trimester has often passed and the physical exhaustion and discomfort of the third trimester hasn’t begun. Moving while pregnant during the third trimester is a bigger strain on your body and you won’t have the same endurance.

During pregnancy, you should avoid cleaning products with harsh chemicals and fragrance. Try natural, environmentally safe cleaning products or opt for natural cleaning agents like baking soda and vinegar when you can. If you need to paint your new home or have any renovations done, plan to be out of the house during those days or have it completed before you move in.

Focus on the exciting aspects of moving like being closer to a new playground or more family, that they’ll have a bigger playroom or their own bedroom while validating feelings that might arise like fear, anxiety or anger. Involve your kids in the process of moving as much as you can, let them know the reason for moving and help them stay connected with friends and special spots from their old neighborhood. Creating a memory box with photos, flowers, rocks, leaves and any other souvenirs of their old home will help them process their feelings.

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