Newborn Winter Essentials Every Parent Needs for the Colder Months Newborn Winter Essentials Every Parent Needs for the Colder Months
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Newborn Winter Essentials Every Parent Needs for the Colder Months

By Pehr
Jan 06, 2023  •  Last Modified Apr 21, 2023

So you’re having a winter baby? Congratulations! Welcoming a little one into the world is a magical time you’ll cherish forever, even if the weather outside is frightful. The key is to be prepared with the right newborn winter essentials to help navigate the colder months with ease. So, what should you have on hand for your newborn, when the temperatures begin to drop? We’ve put together a comprehensive list of our favorite baby winter essentials all in one place. Let’s bundle up!  


baby crawling in onesie


Table of Contents

  1. Newborn Winter Essentials: Clothing 
  2. Newborn Winter Essentials: Sleep 
  3. Baby Winter Essentials: Gear 


Newborn Winter Essentials: Clothing 

Let’s start our list of baby winter essentials with our favorite clothing items for your little one. These winter baby must-haves will help keep your newborn comfy and cozy during the colder months.  

  • Footie pajamas. Made in the softest organic cotton, our Baby Sleeper was designed with baby's unique needs in mind. Because we know a good night's sleep means quality sleep, we added a full two-way zip for easy changes, zipper guard at the chin, and covered feet to keep them cozy.
  • Socks. You’ll definitely want to stock up on socks for your little one during the colder months. Luckily, we made the socks you’ve all been waiting for, with our signature attention to detail. These socks are made of ribbed organic cotton with polyester and elastane for dimensional stability. The elastane rib at the top helps the socks stay while remaining comfortable and flexible. These socks are the perfect addition to any outfit and are sure to keep your little one’s feet nice and cozy.
  • Tights. If you’re going to be putting your baby in dresses or skirts, make sure you have some tights on hand to keep their legs and feet toasty. Like our Pehr socks, our tights are made with a mix of organic cotton, polyester, and elastane for dimensional stability to prevent them from falling down, while still being flexible and soft.
  • Corduroy Bootie. Booties are a definite winter must-have and ours are perfect to keep your mini's feet warm. The Corduroy Bootie is made from 100% organic cotton corduroy, a canvas bottom for durability, and the interior is made with our super cozy confetti fabric. With an elastic feature at the boot opening that runs through a covered channel, these sweet booties are lightweight, comfy, and easy to put on and take off. Getting out the door has never been easier!
  • Cozy Romper Overalls. Made with the softest organic cotton, the Cozy Romper is a winter favorite. With snaps at the back and along each leg, it can be worn overtop just about everything, including any one of our one-pieces. 
  • Essentials One-Piece. Made from ultra-fine, soft organic cotton with just a hint of stretch, the Essentials One-Piece is a must-have for winter. It’s available in a range of beautiful colorsand features a snap front opening for easy changes. Mix and match with our Cozy Romper or Essentials Pant.
  • Hats. Like us, babies lose a lot of heat through their heads. So, if you’re out and about on a cold day, make sure your little one has a hat on. You won't be able to resist these sweet and super soft Knot Hats made from certified organic cotton. The classic stripe will complement any outfit and the snug fit will keep your little one warm. 


swaddle hanging on crib


Newborn Winter Essentials: Sleep

Now that we’ve covered our list of winter newborn clothes, let’s discuss some of our favorite sleep essentials for winter. For more about how to keep your little one comfy and cozy during the colder months, check out our post on how to dress your baby for sleep in winter

  • Swaddles. Many parents swaddle their newborn babies until they’re about 3 months old. Once you become an expert on how to swaddle a baby, it can be a real game changer for naps and bedtime. When your newborn grows out of the need for a swaddle, they might move on to a blanket that they’ll reach for again and again. We suggest stocking up on these for winter to help keep your little one cozy and warm. 
  • 1.7 TOG Sleep Bag. The perfect sleep bag to help them snooze all night long actually does exist. We think it should be on every winter baby checklist. Our Sleep Bags are designed for baby's comfort and your peace of mind, with underarm snaps to ensure a perfect fit as your child grows. A TOG rating is a number that tells you how warm your baby’s clothing is. It stands for Thermal Overall Grade, which is a unit of measurement for a fabric’s level of insulation. The higher the TOG rating, the warmer the garment will be for your little one. This 1.7 TOG Sleep Bag is the perfect weight to keep baby snug all year round. 
  • Crib Sheet Temperature regulation isn’t just related to what your baby is wearing. What they sleep on is important too. This breathable and soft crib sheet will help your little one have the perfect night’s sleep.
  • Blankets. Our blankets and quilts are a definite must-have, especially during chilly winter months. Made with love and care, each of our Blankets and Quilts has its own sweet details and will give baby a soft place to nestle.
  • Bath Towels. Warm up your little one post-bath with our cozy Hooded Towels. Made from plush, absorbent French terry and backed with baby-soft, brushed cotton, they make a perfect gift for the newest arrival.


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Baby Winter Essentials: Gear 

Now that we’ve covered clothing and sleep essentials, let’s look at the newborn winter gear you can add to your list of essentials

  • Humidifier. During the cooler months, when the heating is blowing non-stop indoors, many homes can become quite dry. Adding a humidifier can help soothe any dry or irritated skin or airways. As an added bonus, the white noise created by the humidifier might even help your newborn sleep. 
  • Soothing balm. Speaking of dry skin, a soothing balm is a helpful item to have on hand during the winter months to help protect your baby’s delicate skin from becoming chapped or irritated.
  • Thermometer. When dressing your little one for sleep, it’s important to remember that you should always be dressing them for the temperature indoors, not the temperature outdoors. So, put a thermometer in your baby’s nursery or opt for a baby monitor with a built-in thermometer, then dress them accordingly. 
  • Stroller. If you live in a cooler climate that gets snow, you’ll want to keep this in mind when purchasing a stroller. Look for an all-terrain option that can navigate ice, snow, salt, and slush effectively, so you can get outdoors for a little fresh air
  • Wipe warmer. A wipe warmer is definitely not essential, but it is a nice-to-have item for diaper changes during the winter months.
  • Baby bathtub. The temperature of bathwater can drop fairly quickly during the colder months, so a baby bathtub with a built-in thermometer is great to have. It’ll help ensure that bath time is pleasant and safe.
  • Stroller and car seat covers. You don’t want to be stuck at home all winter long, so it’s key to have stroller and car seat covers on hand so you can get out for walks and outings.
  • Cold and flu essentials. The winter months are synonymous with cold and flu season, so getting sick is almost inevitable. Just make sure you’re prepared with everything you need to tackle those sick days.
  • Diaper Bag. Your diaper bag is your best friend when you’re out and about with your newborn, especially during the colder months with a few extra baby winter essentials. Our Diaper Bags feature a thoughtfully designed interior and classic shape that will carry you through the years, made with durable canvas that’s wipeable and 100% cotton.
  • Travel Pouch. Speaking of all the newborn winter essentials you’ll be toting around, travel pouches are a great way to keep your diaper bag organized and clean. 


newborn baby wearing hat


We hope this list of baby winter essentials has you feeling more confident already! With a few key items and a little preparation, welcoming your bundle of joy to the world during the winter months is sure to be a beautiful experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to keep your baby safe when they are sleeping, it’s important not to cover your child with blankets. Your newborn's crib should also be free of any toys or pillows. All of these objects present a potential risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). A fitted crib sheet, an outfit that is appropriate for the temperature of your baby’s nursery, and a swaddle or sleep bag are all your little one needs to have a good night’s sleep.

In many Northern European countries, babies nap outside in the winter and there is some evidence that suggests cold air is beneficial for children’s health. As always, it is best to confer with your pediatrician to determine what is right for your child.

Just like overheating, babies show signs of distress that are easy to spot when the temperature around them begins to drop below a range that is comfortable or safe. A baby who’s too cold will give you some warning signs that their body temperature is not quite right.

Here are some key indicators that your baby’s body temperature is dropping below a normal range:

They become sluggish or unresponsive
Their cry is weaker than usual
Their skin is pale and cold to the touch
They’re having trouble breathing
They’re not feeding

If you’re packing your hospital bag and running out of space, don’t worry! Your newborn likely won’t need a big wardrobe. A few sleepers l and an outfit for the ride home should do the trick!

It is not uncommon for new parents to worry that their newborn will be too cold, if they’re bringing them home from the hospital in the winter. As a result, many new parents actually bundle up their newborns too much for the car ride home. Remember, your little one should not wear their winter jacket, while in their car seat. So, if the temperature is chilly on the day you are bringing home your baby, dress them in a cozy long sleeve shirt, long pants, warm socks, and a hat. You can also bring a blanket to cover your newborn and their car seat. Have one parent sit beside the baby to ensure the blanket stays off their face so they can breathe comfortably.