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Welcome To Seed: Where It All Begins

By Pehr
Jan 13, 2022  •  Last Modified Apr 26, 2024

Introducing something we’ve been working on for a while now, and are so happy to finally share. As its name suggests, and as you’ve probably gathered, it’s meant to be more than just a blog. Like the seed of a ‘Pehr’ at the core of so many of our ideas, it exists as the start of a bigger conversation. From learning what to pack in your hospital bag to questions around life with a new baby, Seed is here to grow with you.

At Pehr, our focus from the beginning was clear. To design what we loved and believed was useful. This carries through to what we’re cultivating here. As we set out to capture the beauty and magic of childhood through our clothing and nursery collections, we’re continuously inspired by our community. We love seeing your little ones in their new outfits and old favorites. We draw inspiration from your nurseries and design with them in mind. We also take your feedback and use it to improve where we can. This blog is an extension of that. An ode to the customers who have been with us from the beginning, through to the new Mamas who have just started following along.

We're not revolutionizing anything, just bringing you the skinny on navigating the parenting journey. Distilling the info that you really want to know, whether you’re doing this for the first time or the third. We know that sometimes it's nice to have a place to go when you need a little extra guidance or another opinion. We've been there and done that. Plus, we think about you and your babies all. day. long.

Whether you’re a new parent or Mom-to-be, we’re here to cover topics that we know are top of mind. The questions we see most often, in the areas where we could always use more clarity. Each article is meant to serve as a jumping off point for you to reference as you need it. Whether a screenshot for nursery inspo, bookmark on how to hang a mobile, or TOG rating guide for shopping our sleepwear, we’re striving to provide unbiased, objective tips and tricks to use from one experience to the next.

With subjects focused on getting ready for baby, newborn months, and care essentials, we know that advice shared on this blog cannot substitute the guidance of a doctor or healthcare provider. We’re simply here to pass on wisdoms that we find useful, both from experience and what we’re seeing in the world today.

So if you’ve landed here to read about how you can prepare for your little one, or to see the different ways that our products can be used, we’re glad you came. Between styling nurseries, raising babies and toddlers, and designing for a constantly evolving world, we like to think we have a few insights to offer. Know that no matter where you are in parenthood, we’re with you every step of the way. That’s what Seed is after all; just seeds of an idea, of thoughts we sow, to grow together.

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