A horizontal image of a nursery wall with shelves containing pom pom storage, books, toys and other essentials. A horizontal image of a nursery wall with shelves containing pom pom storage, books, toys and other essentials.
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Getting Ready For Baby

Nesting Mode: Activated

By Pehr
Oct 13, 2023

During the final weeks of pregnancy, you may notice an intense urge to get everything ready for your little one's arrival. Nesting is a phase where you experience a strong instinct to get your home clean and organized before your little is born. A desire to get everything in place while preparing for baby usually sets in near the end of pregnancy. Here’s our 5 best nesting recommendations to guide you through this exciting time!

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Organic Cotton Clothing

5 Ways to Tackle Nesting Mode (And Enjoy It!)

Nesting is a ritual with evolutionary roots. It’s a way for pregnant mothers to prepare for their little’s birth by taking control of the environment at home. 

If you’ve just activated nesting mode, here’s how to begin preparing for baby:

  1. Preparing nursery and baby proofing your home. Put the finishing touches on your little one’s future room, gather newborn essentials like a fully-stocked changing station (diapers, wipes, creams), blankets, swaddles and crib sheets and fill the wardrobe with organic cotton clothing like one-pieces organized by size (they grow quickly!). Fill drawers with a few newborn sleepers and sleep bags for the season’s temperature. Create safe spaces by baby proofing what you can now so you won’t be overwhelmed once you have a quick crawler on your hands! Organize toys and accessories in pom pom storage and put down play mats so your little one gets plenty of tummy time.
  2. Be safe and sensible. If you are 39 weeks pregnant, it may not be the best idea to get up on a ladder and dust the ceiling fan. Ask someone else to take on cleaning that simply isn’t safe at this stage of pregnancy. Use your best judgment and make sure you are taking lots of breaks to rest, drink fluids and keep your energy up in the final weeks of pregnancy. If nesting kicks in earlier (like in the golden second trimester), you will have more energy and physical ability to get it all done. Always avoid heavy lifting and harsh cleaners (and remember to keep windows open and wear gloves even if you are using mild cleaning products). 
  3. Stock the kitchen cabinets, fridge and freezer. Start by doing a deep clean of the fridge and freezer, toss old items, clean the shelves and replace the air filter. Cooking in bulk and freezing ready-to-go meals is a great way to prepare for the early days of parenting (like lasagne, banana bread, muffins, stews and soups). Get all the staples like milk, bread, yogurt, cheese, fruit and, of course, coffee. Knowing that you have food ready to feed you and your family is a big load off your shoulders. Pick up healthy snacks like trail mix, cereal, pasta, crackers, lots of drinks and some frozen foods you can quickly pop in the oven. 
  4. Launder and clean the house top to bottom. Wash all your newborn clothing before folding it in the dresser or hanging it in the closet. Clean all the sheets, duvet covers, bathroom rugs, towels and your own clothing. Vacuum the sofa cushions and under the bed, clean the bathrooms, dust surfaces and wipe down window sills and blinds. Once your little one arrives, it can be hard to find time to clean regularly (at least for the first couple months). And you’ll want to spend those moments bonding with your little, recovering from birth and sleeping! The benefit of the nesting instinct is it pushes you to prepare your home now so you can focus on your newborn later.
  5. Finish thank you notes and create a birth announcement. If you haven’t sent out thank you cards for your baby shower just yet, get everything prepared now. Write out thank you notes, address envelopes and pick up stamps. Keep a few extra on hand for those who send gifts, food and help after your little arrives. If you plan to send a birth announcement by mail or digitally, get a list together and design the announcement now. 

Image of a nursery with a play mat, pom pom pint, swaddle and crib sheet.
Nursery Set Up


Nesting is a welcomed distraction as you anticipate labor and all the excitement of your little’s arrival! This burst of energy may surprise you when the last few weeks of pregnancy are especially tiring. Preparing for baby also means getting all your ducks in a row for yourself. Pack using your hospital bag checklist and pick up all the post-birth essentials you will need like sanitary pads, a sitz bath, nursing pads and bras and comfy clothing. We hope this guide inspires you to prepare for baby and embrace the joys of nesting!


Frequently Asked Questions

If your baby is arriving in spring, your desire to nest may be intensified. Holidays or other celebrations can also add to the desire to prepare for your baby. However, it is most common to feel an urge for nesting during the last couple weeks of your pregnancy, regardless of the time of year.

Since the last few weeks of pregnancy can be a bit uncomfortable, many women are eager to give birth and meet their baby. The anticipation of your new baby and the desire to have everything just right for them can stir up an urge to nest. The recognition that your baby’s care is going to be your focus can also trigger nesting as you want everything ready before the baby's arrival.

Not everyone experiences nesting. Some may feel a nesting instinct for many months before their baby arrives while others have a burst of energy a couple days before their baby is born. Some women never experience nesting and that’s perfectly normal, too.

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