Two girls in corduroy dresses hold hands under a tree. Two girls in corduroy dresses hold hands under a tree.
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Make Memories With These 5 Fall Family Activities

By Pehr
Sep 22, 2023

As fall approaches, little ones settle into new back-to-school schedules, shifting bedtimes and exciting extracurriculars. Autumn colors start to signal a shift to slow down, but littles are looking to get all the fun they can out of the upcoming months. Whether you are a new parent or have a toddler and older kids, there are a lot of ways to create lasting memories with fall family activities. Here’s our top 5 fall memory-making activities for the whole family. 

on the go pouch and corduroy booties
On The Go Striped Pouch, Portable Change Pad and Corduroy Booties

5 Fall Activities For The Whole Family 

This fall, embrace the cooler weather in simple ways like bundling up for warm drinks, exploring pumpkin-everything and choosing Halloween costumes. By planning fall kids activities, you can bond with your little ones, connect with each other and enjoy unforgettable experiences as a family. From arts and crafts to festive fall outings, there is no limit to all the family memories you can make together. 

Here’s our top 5 fall family activities:

  1. Visit a pumpkin patch or apple orchard. Most offer activities like hay rides, corn mazes and petting zoos. Pick out your pumpkin for Halloween and get a few extra gourds you can paint, dress up with crafts or carve together. A drive to the country to experience autumn foliage and the season’s best colors makes for one of the most stunning fall family activities. Try all our tips to get your littles into naps on the go so everyone gets the rest they need even when you’re away from home. Cuddle up in cozy quilted blankets on the drive and when your littles are in the stroller. 
  2. Plan a festive crafting day. Paint pine cones, make little acorn people, gather leaves for collages and color everything with orange, yellow, red and brown. Make leaf rubbings and identify which trees they’re from. Paint and draw on pumpkins together to make a pumpkin family that looks like your own. Sensory activities for toddlers can get a fall makeover too: glow in the dark decorations, spider slime, Thanksgiving turkeys, or skeletons in foam. 
  3. Fall photoshoot. Find the best backdrop like a sunflower farm or a beautiful wooded area to snap your family. Layer up your littles in organic cotton clothing like french terry overalls or a corduroy dress in seasonal shades like portobello or ink blue and finish the look with a corduroy quilted jacket. Adorable corduroy booties keep your little one’s toes warm and snug! Pack a few different outfits for them in on the go pouches and always stock up the diaper bag with everything you might need to keep them happily entertained like books, toys, soothers, sippy cups and snacks!
  4. Homemade Halloween costumes. Make sure your family is ready for Halloween and work together (with plenty of time) to get creative with costumes. Try a family-themed costume like characters from your little one’s favorite book or movie or simply work together to get all the details just right for your toddler or preschooler’s costume. Check out the local thrift and craft stores for supplies. October is all about prepping for the big day so get inspired by these spooky and fun Halloween activities
  5. A day of baking and cooking together. Pumpkin pie, apple crumble, roasted pumpkin seeds or a big autumn stew in the slow cooker. Make a haunted gingerbread house with spooky characters like ghosts and goblins. All the fall flavors will get your little ones excited about baking and cooking (and eating, of course!). This could be a whole weekend you dedicate to a seasonal menu or try a new dish every Saturday. Toddlers love to help so give them small tasks that are safe for them to tackle. 

patchwork quilted blanket
Patchwork Quilted Blanket


There’s a lot to get excited about during the fall season! Your littles are getting back into the swing of their school schedule (or just starting preschool or kindergarten for the first time). We hope these ideas inspire you to make fall memories your family will cherish for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

Apples, raspberries, cranberry sauce, blueberries, peaches, pumpkins and sweet potatoes.

Fall is the harvest season where kids start to notice the leaves on the trees turning yellow, orange, red and brown. Kids like all the fun around Halloween and Thanksgiving as well as the seasonal activities that come every year like apple picking, fall hikes, jumping in leaves, pumpkin picking and fall festivals.

Moments shared together create bonding opportunities for the whole family that will become cherished memories. Creating traditions and carrying on the ones you grew up with are a way to link the past with the present. It gives your kids a sense of their identity and the opportunity to get curious about their ancestors, family culture and where they come from.

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