How to Hang a Mobile: Your Step-By-Step Guide How to Hang a Mobile: Your Step-By-Step Guide
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How to Hang a Mobile: Your Step-By-Step Guide

By Pehr
Jan 06, 2022  •  Last Modified Apr 21, 2023

It’s no secret that planning for the arrival of a new baby is a lot of work. But, it’s also an exciting and fulfilling process. The more organized you are ahead of your newborn’s arrival the easier it will be when you bring your brand new baby home for the first time. Preparing the nursery is probably one of the most important jobs that parents-to-be are tasked with ahead of the birth. And, nothing says beautiful nursery like a stunning mobile hanging over a crib. You might be wondering: what exactly is a mobile and why should I install one in my baby’s nursery? In this post, we’ll not only answer that question but we’ll also walk you through our step-by-step process for how to hang a mobile in your nursery so that it is safe and secure above your baby’s crib. 

Table of Contents

  1. What is a mobile?
  2. Why should I install a mobile in my baby’s nursery?
  3. How to hang a mobile: step-by-step instructions

What is a mobile? 

baby in crib sleeping under mobile Classic Mobile - Life Aquatic

A crib mobile is a decorative item that is often hung over a baby’s crib. But, what some new parents might not know is that crib mobiles serve more than just a decorative purpose. We’ll dive into that later.  First, let’s take a look back at the history of the mobile. Before mobiles were used in nurseries they were actually considered pieces of art. It’s no wonder even adults are mesmerized by them. Alexander Calder was the first artist to start creating pieces in this style in the early 1930s. Because his sculptures were made up of discrete moveable parts that were powered by the wind, they were given the name ‘mobiles’ by fellow artist Marcel Duchamp. In time, mobiles moved from the art museum to the crib and have become a fixture of baby nursery decor in many different cultures and countries. 


Why should I install a mobile in my baby’s nursery?

So, what made the mobile such a popular fixture in baby nurseries across the globe? The popularity of crib mobiles likely stemmed from the fact that they are not only beautiful and mesmerizing but also incredibly useful. It’s true that crib mobiles can help entertain and soothe your little one especially when they wake up during the night. This is a huge advantage for sleep-deprived new parents and may be enough of a reason to want to install a mobile in your nursery. But, in case you need more convincing, it is believed that beyond soothing and entertaining, mobiles can also help newborns with their physical development. Crib mobiles may help your little one strengthen their eye muscles, improve their head control and hand-eye coordination, and increase their spatial awareness. 


How to hang a mobile from the ceiling: step-by-step instructions

giraffe mobileClassic Mobile - Gentle Giraffe

Now that we know a little bit more about the history of mobiles and their potential benefits, it’s time to walk you through how to hang a mobile from the ceiling in your nursery! We’ll take it step-by-step but first, here’s what you’ll need to hang your mobile:

  • Measuring tape
  • Stud finder
  • Power drill 
  • 3/16 in (0.48 cm) drill bit
  • Screw hook/U-hook 
  • Fishing line 
  • Ladder or step stool 

Step 1 - Planning

Before you hang your mobile make sure you’ve settled on your nursery layout. You won’t want to have to install your crib mobile twice and risk creating a hole where you don’t want one. So leave the crib mobile hanging until the end of your nursery decoration process so that you’re sure everything is where you want it to be and the space is functioning as it should. When you’re ready to hang the mobile, start by measuring it and ensuring there is enough space for it to hang freely and out of your baby’s reach. 

Step 2 - Location, location, location

Now that you know the general location you’ll be hanging your mobile, it’s time to zero in on exactly where you want to drill. Do this by using a stud finder. This tool will help you locate support beams in the ceiling through drywall and other materials. Move your stud finder around in the area where you want to hang your mobile and wait for it to beep and/or light up. Mark the position of the stud with a pencil. 


Step 3 - Drill a pilot hole

Use a 3/16 in (0.48 cm) drill bit to drill a pilot hole into the center of the support beam. Make the hole about the same size as the screw hook you plan on using to hang the mobile. 

illustration securing u-hook to hang mobile

Step 4 - Insert your screw hook

Insert your screw hook into the hole you created and turn it counter clockwise until it feels secure and only the hook end remains visible. 


illustration how to use fishing line to hang a mobile

Step 5 - The finishing touch

Loop your fishing line through the top loop of your mobile and adjust the length until you reach your desired height. Tie off the fishing line in a sailor’s knot. Hang the knotted end of your fishing line through the hook and just like that, you’re done!


illustration how to hang mobile


Safety tip: be sure to adjust the height of your crib mobile as needed so that it remains out of your baby’s reach.


We hope this article has helped you feel well-equipped to get your mobile safely and securely installed in your nursery! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Crib mobiles can be dangerous if they are not hung properly. Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the safety of your baby. First, the mobile should be out of reach of your little one. Remember, as your baby grows they will be able to reach higher and higher so make sure to adjust your mobile’s height accordingly. Second, make sure that there are no small pieces or choking hazards that could break off the mobile. Finally, when you install the mobile make sure that the U-Hook is secure in the ceiling.

A baby mobile should be hung over the crib if you would like to use it to entertain and soothe your little one. However, if your mobile is simply decorative you can hang it wherever you like! Wherever you decide to install it, just be sure that it is always out of reach of your little one.

You can certainly hang objects from your ceiling without damaging it using handy tools like Command Hooks. However, when parents ask us how to hang a mobile from the ceiling, we believe that it’s wise to avoid these tools. When it comes to crib mobiles, it’s best to ensure that they are as secure as possible. This is why we recommend using a drill and a U-Hook at a support beam site in order to safely secure your mobile to the ceiling. These drill holes can always be filled and repaired and this is certainly worth avoiding the risk of suffocation or strangulation.

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