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Father’s Day with Little Ones: 20 Ways to Celebrate Dad as a Family

By Pehr
May 26, 2023  •  Last Modified Jun 02, 2023

We all hold dear memories of how we celebrated our own Dads growing up. Maybe it was a special card that held a piece of his personality, a gift chosen with love or a fun day doing his favorite things. No matter the scale, Father’s Day is a time to show Dad how much you appreciate him. You may want to keep things low key when you celebrate Father’s Day, or plan a day to keep your little ones happily engaged. Whether you’re looking for things to do outdoors, indoors or the best way to enjoy the day with babies and toddlers, here are our top 20 Father’s Day activities for the whole family.

Indoor Father’s Day Activities 

Sometimes staying close to home is all Dad wants, especially on a busy day like Father’s Day. If your partner prefers a laid-back celebration with your little ones, get inspired by these ideas for indoor Father’s Day activities.

  1. Plan a scavenger hunt. Little ones can help map out clues and riddles that will lead to the end goal where Dad’s gift is hiding. 
  2. Camping in the living room. Bring all the classic camping fun indoors like making s’mores, having a BBQ lunch and telling stories around the fireplace. Make it a movie night where everyone watches one of Dad’s favorite childhood movies (let’s hope the little ones like it too!).
  3. A history lesson. If the Dad in your life is into fun facts and learning about history, get your family on board with a tour of a historical museum or pioneer village. You can make it a theme day by watching a movie set in the same era or get everyone to dress up in costumes. 
  4. An online cooking class. Choose something simple and delicious that your little can help with, like personal pizzas or baking Dad’s favorite cookies. Set up a laptop in the kitchen, and make it together as a treat with your family. 
  5. Build a playhouse. Construct your own with just a few things: big cardboard boxes, markers and paints, photos and magazine clippings to collage the walls. You can string twinkly lights to the ceiling, cut a few windows and doors, plant toy flowers in the garden and watch the playhouse become a home.  

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Celebrate Father’s Day Outdoors 

For the active Dad who loves the great outdoors, plan Father’s Day activities to get outside with the whole family. Since we’re on the cusp of summer’s official start, it’s time to embrace all your favorite warm weather activities together. 

  1. Mini Golf. If Dad is a golf enthusiast, introduce little ones to the game with a fun round of mini putt. You can pick up your own mini golf set for the backyard if you don’t live near a course. 
  2. Go fishing. Pack up all your rods, along with a kid’s starter fishing set. Even if they can’t cast on their own yet, everyone can enjoy the peaceful moments of anticipation before you get a nibble on your line. Pack all the diapers, wipes, extra clothing and changing pad in a handy pouch with pockets to keep everything sorted. 
  3. A day of gardening. For Dads with a green thumb and a yard to tend to, many hands make landscaping come together quickly. You can teach your little one about all the plants and flowers growing in your garden or plant a tree together you can watch grow for years to come. 
  4. A big bike ride. Get a child’s seat so you can ride with a baby on board, and older kids can bring their own bicycles. This is a great way to celebrate Father’s Day as a family and get some fresh air and exercise at the same time. Let your toddler choose their clothing and always pack an extra sweatshirt, windbreaker, and change of clothes.
  5. Make it a park playdate. Ask another family to celebrate Father’s Day together with your little ones. Bring your favorite outdoor games like a T-ball set, frisbees and soccer balls. A group celebration means the little ones will get a lot of playground time with friends while parents chat and unwind. 

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Father’s Day Activities with Babies

A Dad’s first Father’s Day is one he’ll always remember. He’s been preparing for fatherhood, but now that you’re both in the midst of sleepless nights and busy days, he may want to spend the day enjoying simple things as a family that are easy to do with a baby in tow. 

  1. Get active together. Take a hike with your little one in a carrier, walk the water’s edge with a sleeping baby in the stroller, or spend the day at a campsite in the woods before driving home for bedtime. Pack a travel play mat to lay out in the grass so your little one gets some tummy time and crawling practice. 
  2. Give the gift of time. Life with a new baby is busy. Since time to recharge alone isn’t in the schedule most days, give Dad a few hours to himself to read, watch TV or just catch a few extra Z’s while you take your little one out of the house. 
  3. Go out for lunch. Once your little one is running around, it’s not as easy to dine out together as a family. With your little one resting in their stroller or sitting in a high chair, you can actually focus on your meal and conversation. Dine out on a patio and use a swaddle as a sunshield to keep your little one sleepy and shady. 
  4. Spend the day with all the Dads in your life. Visit your Father, Father-in-Law, Godfather, or Stepfather. Get them to share a piece of fatherly advice in a note that you put aside for your little one to read one day. Schedule a mini photo session (15 minute shoots are easy and ideal) and dress up your little one in cute and comfy organic cotton clothing
  5. A sentimental gift. Take it beyond the classic card to make his first Father’s Day extra special. Make a shadowbox with mementos from your little’s first year (footprint, ultrasound, photos, a thoughtful note) or a molding of a much-loved tiny hand. 

Father’s Day Activities with Toddlers

Toddlers and preschoolers will adore honoring Dad and being a part of making the day creative and fun. These Father’s Day activities for kids are a fantastic way to spend the day together as a family. 

  1. A pool day. Tis’ the season! Now that the summer is arriving, your toddler is eager to splish and splash. Pack up all your swim gear and hooded poncho towels in a canvas tote and spend the whole day at the pool. Plan the perfect family picnic post-swim. 
  2. A performance for Dad. Get the little ones to sing Dad’s favorite tunes, switch up the lyrics to a popular song, perform a scene from a movie he loves, or simply dress up like Dad and show off the power of their imagination.
  3. Family photo day. Pick up an instant camera (your little one will love photo prints) and let every family member take a few shots. Make an album of the polaroids as a memento of the day for Dad. 
  4. Tackle puzzles and games. There’s a lot of board games for toddlers and little ones that start at age 2+. Pick up a few board games, a kids bingo set or age-appropriate puzzles to work on as a family. 
  5. Create a masterpiece. Whether it’s a big painting, homemade Father’s Day cards, or a special book you assemble with a page decorated by each family member, these creative mementos will be something Dad will hold dear. 


We hope these ideas for Father’s Day activities for kids get you excited to spend it together as a family. Adding a few creative spins to classic ideas will keep little ones engaged so everyone can enjoy making Dad feel loved and appreciated. However you choose to celebrate, a day spent together as a family is sure to become a Father’s Day memory Dad will always treasure.

Frequently Asked Questions

While it is celebrated on a variety of dates internationally, many countries observe Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June. Though the UK celebrates Mother’s Day on a different day than the US and Canada, Father’s Day is always celebrated on the third Sunday in June in the US, Canada and the UK.

Make a delicious breakfast in bed and turn it into a family occasion by getting the kids involved. Ask him what he wants to do, and ignore the pressure to make the day perfect. Write him a heartfelt card telling him all the ways you appreciate what he does for you and your kids.

Father’s Day gives children a day to focus on how much they appreciate their Dad. It helps children take notice of their Dad’s personality and what he likes to do while recognizing the contribution fathers and father figures make to the lives of their children.