An image of a Christmas tree with gifts in front of it, including a pom pom mini and play mats. An image of a Christmas tree with gifts in front of it, including a pom pom mini and play mats.
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‘Tis The Season: 5 Thoughtful Holiday Gifts

By Pehr
Nov 26, 2023

As the holiday season approaches, the buzz in the air is particularly strong in homes with little ones. Seeing the magic of the holiday season through the eyes of your littles is one of the greatest joys of a growing family. You may be wondering what you can give everyone on your list that is both thoughtful and useful. With some planning and our holiday gift guide, here are some unique present ideas for new parents, expecting moms and family friends. 

An image of a pom pom bin with blankets and swaddles inside, in front of a Christmas tree.
Pom Pom Gift Basket

5 Ways To Create Thoughtful Gifts This Holiday Season

Gifting with confidence has an altogether different feeling of excitement - knowing that it’s something beautiful, useful and practical gives you a sense of satisfaction when giving. If you’re a grandparent or family friend, you may be unsure what to give parents with babies and toddlers (that they don’t already have). We hope our guide helps inspire you to give thoughtful gifts this holiday season!

  1. Create the ultimate gift basket. Use pom pom storage as the perfect holiday gift basket filled to the brim with favorite items. Depending on how many items you are giving, choose a pom pom basket in mini, pint or bin sizing. Whether you select something special from the holiday collection or cozy basics, find a print or color palette that they’ll fall in love with (it’s always a good idea to size up especially when you aren’t sure of the little one’s current weight). Roll up a couple swaddles and a blanket or quilt as the feature gift then add festive treats for all ages like a box of chocolates, gourmet coffee, peppermint teas and candy canes.
  2. Make a pouch full of surprises. Fill a pouch with lots of small surprises: teethers, swaddles, comb set, baby toothbrush and all the newborn and toddler essentials. Pick up a diaper bag and stock it with everything a little one will need on the go (diapers in different sizes, baby wipes, diaper cream, organic cotton clothing and sleep bag). Taking the guesswork out of what a new mom actually needs is a gift in itself - gifting your own favorites and recommendations is a personal touch that will mean a lot to parents. 
  3. Give something they need. Whether the little one has arrived or is on its way, there are certain winter baby essentials that are both useful and very much needed (from newborn to toddler). If you’re shopping for new parents, contributing to the nursery is a valuable and sentimental gift. Choose things like play mats, crib sheets, mobiles, rugs and room decor. Selecting a few things organized by theme creates a special gift: a bath time gift of hooded towels, bath toys, baby body wash and lotions will be useful as littles grow up or a bedtime collection with a sleep bag, crib sheets, goodnight book and comfy organic cotton pajamas. Bundles and gift sets are the simplest way to send a collection of gifts for littles. 
  4. Little things go a long way. Stocking stuffers! For toddlers and preschoolers, there is lots of joy in receiving small gifts to open (especially if they are individually wrapped). The fun is in the opening and discovering a tiny surprise just for them. Tuck a few things into a mini pouch like socks and tights or booties along with age-appropriate toys and books (tiny books for small hands, playmobil or lego figurines, snack size treats and stickers). 
  5. Gift an experience. When you truly don’t know what to give someone, an experience is always a hit (especially for parents in need of a date night). Try a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant or a spa day (and offer to babysit, too!). If you’re buying a gift for the whole family, think about experiences that little ones will get a thrill out of: amusement parks, museums and immersive experiences or interactive art classes and events. Here’s what to do for a new mom (if you want to show support beyond a baby gift). 

An image of a gift box under a Christmas tree with Pehr clothes.
Giftable Outfits


Consider the 4 gift rule as a practical and thoughtful approach to holiday shopping for families with little ones: give something they want, need, wear and read. We hope this gift guide has you excited to start holiday shopping and putting together something special for all the littles in your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a good idea to select something productive and educational that will help your child learn like electronic learning toys or books for their library. You can choose one large item to be their primary gift or give 3-5 toys to toddlers and younger kids.

Giving thoughtful gifts is tapping into what someone else’s needs really are. This can be a tangible need like a new winter coat or could be an emotional need like showing support with a handwritten letter. Thoughtful gifting for kids means trying to avoid adding to the clutter of the household or giving things that will end up being re-gifted.

Role-playing games are more popular than ever so dress-up clothing and costumes as well as play sets for pretend play are great gifts for kids. Crafting is also seeing a rise in demand with kids wanting coloring sets, paint by numbers, coloring books, art supplies and tie-dye kits.

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