A little boy and girl dance in front of a backdrop with cut-out hearts. A little boy and girl dance in front of a backdrop with cut-out hearts.
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5 Sweet Ideas For Valentine’s Day With Littles

By Pehr
Jan 26, 2024

It’s the season of cool weather, cozy indoor activities and full hearts! What better way to embrace Valentine’s Day with your littles than carving out some special time together for crafts, connection and pink and red everything? With love in the air, take advantage of this special holiday with these 5 sweet and playful ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day as a family. 


  1. A love-filled photoshoot. Celebrating Valentine’s Day with a baby means decorating them and preserving the moment! Set up a special photoshoot corner with a love-themed backdrop or blanket, play mats and pom pom storage for decor. Lay out swaddles, heart-shaped balloons, homemade construction paper confetti and the perfect V-Day outfit to celebrate your sweetest one. Grab an instant camera, your phone or ask a friend or professional photographer to snap a family portrait. 
  2. Make crafts and homemade cards. A pink and red garland, finger-painting cut-out hearts, hand-cut cards for your neighbors or decorating a collection of mini Valentine’s Day cards for your little’s friends. Set up jewelry making stations with pink and red beads, heart-shaped pendants and letters to make custom Valentine’s Day bracelets and necklaces. Keep craft supplies like safety scissors, construction paper, glitter, markers and glue sticks organized in pom pom minis and mini pouches.
  3. Go out for a family dinner together. Who says romantic Valentine’s Day dinners can’t include little ones? Going out to dinner with littles can be fun for the whole family with a little bit of prep. Get them to help choose the restaurant, explain the expectations of table manners, get them dressed in their best and pack all the treats, snacks, toys and accessories you might need! Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a family can be the ultimate expression of the love you share.
  4. Bake heart-shaped cookies. Toddlers are the perfect age for joining in on the baking. Create a prepared kitchen environment to start, organizing ingredients in different bowls and measuring cups. Get your littles to help pour (it’s a favorite activity at this age!) and mix ingredients. You can also do the baking yourself and call on your littles for help with rolling the dough, using cookie cutters and decorating with pink and red frosting, sprinkles and chocolate treats!
  5. Mix love potions. Get your littles to help out with creating beautiful, colorful Valentine’s themed drinks! A classic pink and fizzy Shirley Temple, a strawberry banana smoothie, or a deep red beet juice are all bright and cheerful Valentine’s tonics. Try some pretend play and get your littles to create magic spells as you concoct these love potions together. Don’t forget to say ‘Cheers!’ and clink your cups in celebration of the day of love.

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Make mid-winter feel extra special with a celebration of love! Pick up some Valentine’s Day books, a special gift and chocolates to add some festive surprises and create rosy memories for your little. We hope these sweet ideas for Valentine’s Day celebrations get your littles excited and engaged with all the fun this lovely holiday can bring! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Giving cards to all your kid’s classmates and their teacher ensures no one has hurt feelings. It may seem like a lot of work. Some schools don’t encourage celebrating Valentine’s Day in the classroom so make sure to ask your child’s teacher what the policy is for this holiday ahead of time. If card exchanges aren’t encouraged, your little one can still dress up in a V-Day themed outfit to celebrate.

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to teach your kids about love - romantic love, love for friends and family and how to express appreciation for others. Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your kids creates memories that can become part of your family’s traditions. Beyond romantic love, celebrating this day shows kids how enriched our lives are by forming deep connections with others.

It originated as a Christian feast day in honor of the martyr Saint Valentine. Through folk traditions, it has become a cultural celebration of love and romance around the world celebrated on February 14.

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